Study in Singapore

Why you should Study in Singapore

Studying abroad is a dream of many students and scholars. Regardless of challenges and the hefty requirements, most will settle for nothing short of the coveted opportunity. What, however, majority of students forget is that not all universities uphold their claims. As such, before the venture, proper briefing should be the first step before making any choice.

Though there are many options for students willing to advance their carriers in foreign universities, expert voice confirms that students who take the pain of applying to study in Singapore have comparative advantage to other foreign universities. Apart from offering a peaceful learning environment and a dynamic and gaining CNN recognition as the Students’ “rhythm city”, some of the top reasons for studying in Singapore are:

Top Quality Education

Apart of being home to some of top 50 world class universities, Singapore degrees are recognized worldwide. Crowned as the rising star in terms of offering quality education, Singapore education is primed as the main reason behind it conquering the ever-evolving global economy. So far, Singapore has attracted QS attention as one of the three best students in the world. The government incentives and the shared education vision is simply credulous.

Adequate Funding

Being one of the most expensive cities in the world in accordance to the HBSC, Studying in Singapore could be expensive. However, the government through the ministry of education softens the life of students by providing undergraduate and post graduate funding to the international students through scholarships like LIEN, QS, ASEAN,APEC, only to mention a few. Foreign students can also get grants for which they may required to sign bonds and work for the country for a period not exceeding three years.

Coveted Student Life

Placing education issues aside, Singapore is a vibrant and attractive city with many places that piques interest. The City embraces diversity and allows the students to fully enjoy all the amenities that are provided even though they are expensive. Foreign students who find it difficult acclimatizing to the local language can freely speak English since 75% of the natives are conversant with the language.

Ease of Travelling

Commuting in cities can be disadvantaged greatly by traffic jams. Apart from studying students from Insworld Institute may also prefer to tour places in their free times. Travelling and studying in Singapore – especially South Asia –has been made easy by convenient roads which connect one with remarkable destinations like Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand.

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