What to Know When Choosing the Best Job Posting Site

Job posting sites are one of the many platforms for you as an employer to get your work done without having to struggle to look for that one candidate to handle your tasks. However, before you can post your job on one of these sites, it is important that you know that job seekers often tend to ignore job posting site Singapore since they think they are wasting their time on them. It is, therefore, vital that you choose well if you are to reach the right candidate for your project. Here are the criteria and how you can choose the best job posting site.

Search on Google

If you know any job posting site, then Google its name and see what kind of information you get about it. It might help you know if the site is legitimate or not. If you don’t find any information about it, then it is not the best place to post a job, and you should move on to the next site.

Does the site have a private policy?

After you have done your search, assuming you found the site that might interest you, you should now know if it has a privacy policy. If it does have one, then you need to read it before you can post your job. It will be crucial since you will be able to know the information the site will collect from your and the purpose. If it doesn’t have, then be sure not to choose it. You should also be careful because some may be only interested in collecting your contact information for their interest.

Does the site charge for posting?

Other sites will only allow you to post a job if you have paid membership. It is nice that before you can join the site, you investigate this and verify if it is legitimate since some may be scammers.

Does the site work properly?

Depending on the project you want to be completed, ensure in your search, you also find out if it has the capability to handle your job or if it has search capability. You may post a job which might end up being not seen by anyone due to the site’s search incapability.

Can you delete or edit your Job?

Sometimes you may post a job and just decide to pull it down. It can be good if you can remove unwanted posted jobs or edit by adding more requirements whenever you want. It can help you avoid unwanted messages and applications.

While all the above are paramount, it is also good to find out if the website has a lot of traffic to help you reach a lot of job seekers and find the right candidate.

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