The Impact of Great UX and its Importance in Web Design

Web design decisions are often based just on what looks awesome or what the client requests from a designer, but UX is one of the most important factors in the success of web design. A user interface has to be more than just ascetically pleasing, user-friendly and functional. It must also perform in a way that is acceptable to users.

UX is the result of an ongoing process of testing the UI and its functions. Even after a web design has been approved, the developer might receive a request for changes to be made, based on analytics of user activity and customer feedback.

Impact of UX on Profitability

The significance of UX will not be immediately apparent in the design of a website or application. The benefits only become evident when higher returns are achieved through making improvements to the UX.

The experience of site users, whether they are using a mobile device or a standard computer, must be designed to make them feel it is worth staying on the site or continue using the application.

It makes no difference if the information on the site is really excellent. If the UX is poor, this will only result in visitors leaving the site without taking any action. A few simple improvements can significantly increase the revenue of a site.

UX plays a big part in decision making and has an impact on how users interact with products or information on a site. It also forms the basis of deciding whether or not to become a regular visitor of a site or a paying customer.

Great UX design in web design and development can be based on a user persona that has been developed from website data, so it will match their experiences and reflects how they act and feel.

UX Helps Search Engine Optimization

A web design that provides a good user experience will keep visitors on the site for longer. SEO is better when site visitors regularly navigate to other pages and use more of the functions. If too many visitors leave a site shortly after clicking through, or do not look at what else is on the site, it is not going to rank high in search results.

When the UX is good, visitors are more likely to recommend and link the site on various types of relevant web content. This type of natural linking is of great benefit to SEO.

UX Impact on Web Credibility

In 2003 Stanford University published Guidelines for Web Credibility and research carried out for those Guidelines show that the majority (75%) of consumers judge the credibility of a business its website.

The perception of end users about a business relies on the site being easy to use, providing value and a pleasant experience.

The impact of UX on the value of an application or success of a website and its SEO is something anyone involved in web design should keep in mind. Designing a great user experience will help to increase web traffic, build credibility and grow revenues.

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