SkillsFuture Course in Singapore

The SkillsFuture course is a national movement to provide Singapore residents with the developmental and learning opportunities to develop their full potential throughout their life. It is a new course of investment in the resource of the Singapore people. It strives in developing people skills which are relevant to the future in society and to foster a Singapore culture of lifetime learning.

You can find the course being offered at Aventis Learning. There is a rapidly evolving economy in Singapore that spans new jobs, old jobs, and this course is designed to prevent loss. It is really important to prepare for Singapore people for jobs and skills of the future. This ensures Singapore people are more opportunities pf employability.

Some Classes Offered

You must be at least 18 years old to take this course. Classes offered under the Skillsfuture courses in Singapore include Accounting, Advanced Manufacturing, Applied Health Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Construction, Early Childhood, Financial Services, Human Resource Management, ICT & Media, Logistics and Aerospace, Smart Sustainable Urban Solutions and Social Services. Another requirement for taking the course is that you must have 2 years of experience in full-time work. This course can be applied for online.

Accredited Institution

Aventis Learning  is a fine accredited institution of academic excellence. This is a private university. The SkillsFuture Credit consists of credits which Singapore Citizens may use to pay for out-of-pocket course fees for attending these work-skills related courses. You may choose from over 600 eligible courses. The credits gained can be used on a wide range of Government-supported courses. The directory featuring courses that would be eligible for SkillsFuture Credit was launched on Friday, November 20th.

There are more than two million Singapore citizens who will receive their SkillsFuture Credit next year. This is the government’s initiative to prepare Singapore citizens for every job opportunity. You can also use your SkillsFuture Credit to pay for work skills-related courses and to advance your skills in your current field or to develop your skills outside of your current area. . There are plenty of courses to choose from.

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