Help Your Kids (And Your Sanity) With A Toy Organizer

When you have kids it can be a constant battle to keep their toys, games, teddy bears–all their STUFF–from taking over the home. It’s good to let your kids just be kids sometimes, and allow the living room floor to get cluttered with the messy evidence of their afternoon of fun. But it’s also an important part of your job to teach your kids that there always comes a time when they must put their toys away and organize them neatly.

Having toys all over the floor creates a stressful energy that makes it hard to relax. It’s also a hazard, because both kids and adults can easily trip on a stray toy. Most importantly, kids have to learn to be responsible and treat their things with respect, because this is an important value that sets them up for a good life.

Help your kids by showing them this skill with a toy organizer system like bins or shelf storage. You need enough space to put everything away, or the task will quickly feel overwhelming. You can organize toys by categories like size, type, or age, depending on what works best for you. You could even organize them by color! Engage with your kids by asking them what they think about how the toys should be organized and help them take ownership of maintaining their space.

You can also make it fun by choosing colorful materials like brightly colored plastic, getting a shelf with the theme of a favorite cartoon character, or teaching your kids a special song to sing while cleaning up. Help them out, but make sure they do the bulk of the work.

Organizing the toys according to Adertek Lifestyle will also help your kids use and enjoy their toys more. A shelf system is helpful for organizing because they are on display and the toys are less likely to be forgotten under a dusty corner of the bed. They’re also more likely to know exactly where to find whatever they’re looking for, avoiding the frustration that could lead to a tantrum. Once you have your routine down, putting the toys away will be easy and satisfying.

A toy organizer, like a shelf covered with colorful toys neatly arranged, can also be a decorative element that is wonderful in a child’s room. Your children will enjoy being able to see all their toys in such an organized way. And you certainly will too! There’s a great sense of accomplishment in seeing a messy floor that’s now empty of clutter, with every toy in its proper place on the shelf. Knowing that your children are learning the value of doing things the right way will be a source of pride.


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