Corporate Event Venues Don’t Have To Be Dull!

When we think of corporate event venues, big hotel rooms come to mind with cloth covered, uncomfortable row chairs and one speaker at a podium. It’s been the standard ‘go-to’ for years. However, that no longer has to be the case. Just like wedding venues, corporate venues are taking a turn for more interesting settings. Some are rustic, some modern, some are still traditional, but one thing has changed. Corporate event venues Singapore no longer need to be boring.

Here are some ideas for interesting, fun corporate venues:

  1. While farm Singapore are really catching on for weddings, they are also catching on for corporate events. They are cheap to rent, easy to decorate (string lights, checkered table cloths, picnic tables), and they have a rustic theme. This would be the perfect venue for a convention for farm equipment, farmers, agricultural events, or any event really.
  2. Museums have excellent, elegant rooms with tall ceilings and lots of space for lighting. Decorating would be minimal (aside from the lighting), and normally there is a place for presentations with a microphone and sound system. Museums are a great idea for artistic and educational conferences. One idea may be to host a wine and cheese party at the museum and have the attendees follow a certain dress code, like formal or semi formal- especially if the event is held during the evening.
  3. Public parks are great places for people to enjoy the outdoors. There are so many ways to plan these types of venues. The food can be old fashioned bar-b-que like burgers, hot dogs, brats and sides like potato salad, beans and chips. If the park allows, wine and beer can be served. You can set up horseshoe games or ladder ball, and tell everyone to come casually to have a good time. Of course, you’d have to plan in the event of inclement weather so make sure your park has some kind of shelter for rain.
  4. 4Golf courses often have big dining rooms or conference rooms, and can be the absolute perfect venue for sports enthusiasts, or for all male conferences. Even if everyone doesn’t like to golf, golf courses are beautiful settings for venues, and the rooms often overlook the courses.
  5. High schools have everything you need for speeches, dinners, and events. A great idea is to rent out a high school and have an open basketball tournament. One popular company has an event at a high school every year where attendees dress up in sumo wrestling gear and have a little tournament. Of course, there are hundreds of things and ideas to do in a gym or in a theatre. There could be a theme where everyone wears their old high school colors.

Corporate venues don’t have to be boring and unspectacular. There are dozens of venues to choose from if a little imagination is used!

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