Air Products & Inert Gas Generation System

Air Product is celebrating its 75th anniversary. 75 years of supplying many types of gas systems, chemicals and equipment across many varied industries. The gases and chemicals supplied by Air Products are a lifeline to many businesses.

Air Products offers products and services to a huge variety of industries; industrial and energy, medical and technical industries are just a few. It is a long list of industries and corporations that are supplied by Air Products, from mining to construction to flat panel displays, even personal care.

One of the very innovative important systems created by Air Products is their inert gas system in Singapore. These systems produce and distribute gas on a combustion of hydrocarbon fuels. This is the lowest cost generator possible. Inert gas is a mix of gases that do not have enough oxygen to cause combustion of hydrocarbons.

The use of inert gas prevents explosions and or fires that could occur on ships loaded with crude or refined oil or hydrocarbon gas. These systems allow safer conditions for ship operations.

These variants could include:

  • Flue gas system
  • Inert gas generator
  • Flexinert systems
  • Dry inert gas generator
  • Dual fuel inert gas generator

In 2009 Maritime Protection AS was re-established when Air Products sold its Norwegian inert gas generation business to Boss Montasje AS and Boss Industri AS. Together with its parent companies and Maritime Protection AS can continue to serve the inert gas market.

In 2012, Air Products and GIA inked a service agreement in that allow Air Products customers are able to enjoy convenient service and prompt reply from GIA here in Singapore.

Air Products continues to supply nitrogen and hydrocarbon systems for global shipping and process has markets utilizing its membrane segment. The sale of the inert gas generation business allowed Air Products to concentrate on their core business: nitrogen and process gas membrane systems. The sale will allow Air Products to focus on their membrane business.

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