Things Swimming School Taught Me

Swimming school has taught me many things regarding water and swimming. One of them is that children don’t just naturally know how to swim like dogs do. You cannot throw a baby into a pool and expect them to know how to float.

I went to all the swimming levels for my lessons. I learned that one of my friends when I was registered with her just wanted to hold me back. She would make me wait for her to finish her laps and swim alongside her. While she might have felt glad to have someone pretend to be at her level, I could go faster.

So that lesson was that I failed because of her. My teacher even said so on the swim card. But then I didn’t take lessons with her ever again, and I learned to push myself in the pool. After all, my mom was paying good money for the instruction.

I also learned later that life guarding can be a good job. I life guarded full time for a pool for about a year. It was nice to go there and watch others. I learned there that those others depended on me. They felt unsafe if I took my eyes away, even for a second. It was kind of weird to me, but I learned that not everyone is a strong swimmer even as an adult. And that they needed me to watch them every second of my full day.

I would recommend swimming lessons to anyone who wants to be confident in the water. If you want to be able to save yourself if you are thrown overboard. Or just want to not be scared going to a pool.

Swimming school is vital to becoming a water lover. You should hedge your bets that it will pay off well for your future, and any children you supervise.