The What, Why and Where of Wedge Wire

An Explanation of its Origins and Industrial Uses


With the discovery of new and amazing processes we sometimes lose sight of the older established materials and our dependence on the simple brilliance coupling an old product with necessary modern legislation.  With the continuing crack down on environmental spoilage the industrial reliance on a time proven efficient filtration method becomes more important every day.

What is wedge wire?

It is exactly what it say’s a wire,or rod that is wedge shaped.The major benefit of these wedge shaped pieces is that if you fix them to a frame running across the shaped pieces and attach it to the underside of the rods you end up with a narrow slit at the top and underneath a wide wedge shaped space to enable rapid dispersal of the liquid carrying a product being filtered.

What is it used for?

This method is exactly what is needed for screening,the commercial word for filtering, slurries.It can set the size of solid removed with pin point accuracy,and if necessary a stack of screens with the necessary transfer ways could remove a number of sizes.  For example if you made the top with a three millimeter gap above a screen with a two mm gap and with a lower deck of one millimeter you could direct the removed particles into collection points or hoppers of each size. Because of the much wider gap beneath the surface compared to above means the carrying liquid of the product to be removed can drain away extremely quickly.

Which industries use it?

Think wood pulp, sand in suspension, sewage plants etc.Any product which has a larger quantity of liquids than solids. The Food industry uses high pressure water jets to reclaim flesh from carcasses and the resultant slurry would be directed across a screen,the term for several wedge wire’s attached to a frame, to have the solids removed from the reclaimed stream produced by the water jetting action. The main advantage in using wedge wire is you can produce a small numbers of screens,in theory just one, with a non standard gap, say 1.856 mm so a precision welder can produce a module immediately. If you were using woven mesh there would be a minimum run to make it economically possible.

As shown it is a cost effective way of producing a filtering method with the most efficient removal of liquid from solid.  It can be manufactured from a range of metals as well as polymers to satisfy any particular chemical reactions which could occur.

Because of the rigidity of the screening frames and the inherent level platform they produce, cleaning of wedge wire is as simple as could be. A wipe over the top face and a quick brush across the rear will quickly remove any retained product.

Exotic Travel Destinations

In this world, there are more places to be seen than can ever possibly be seen. Life is too short to stay where you are. Many families go on traditional vacations to the same beach every summer. While tradition and consistency can be nice, it’s even better to break free from that. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or by yourself, it’s likely that you are seeking a good adventure. This world is so big and traveling to new places that you’ve never been plays a huge role in helping us to learn and grow as people.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a wonderful and unique place to visit with it’s enchanting beauty in it’s landscape. If you are a Lord of The Rings fan you will be sure to feel intrigued with a destination known as Hobbit Village. This special place is exactly where the movie was filmed and is used for tourists now. Hobbit Village is a twenty minute bus ride from Matamata. Golden Bay is also a lovely, exotic place to see while you are there. New Zealand is exploding with mountains, seemingly endless green valleys, volcanoes, lakes, rugged coastlines, and more. This amazing place has so much to offer in one visit!


Another exhilarating destination exists in Africa known as Victoria Falls. In the town of Victoria Falls, located along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe is Victoria Falls. Many know of Niagara Falls and many have even been there. But, have you ever heard of Victoria Falls? It’s an absolutely spectacular sight that you will never forget. There are walking paths, along with helicopter charters. While you are in the area, there are also a myriad of other tourist attractions to visit.


Lastly, consider traveling to Romania, a hidden gem of a country. One breathtaking and special place to visit in Romania is the Hunyad Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle. It is one of the oldest castle’s in Romania and a place where the past meets the present. You can visit the castle and get a real taste of what life was like in the past. Romania is filled with epic mountains, beautiful forests, and castles.


Refuse to go to the same vacation spot you always go to. Life is about exploring, learning, going on adventures. There is more to see than can ever be seen, but don’t let that discourage you. You have to get out there and see as many as you can. There is so much beauty in this world, so much to learn, and so many people to meet. Reach outside your comfort zone and plan an exotic and adventurous vacation.

Innovative Ziptrak Blinds For Home And Office

Ziptrak Blinds are the new, Australian invented and engineered, innovative outdoor blinds that protects windows and enclosures. Ziptrak Blinds outdoor, provides the perfect shading, while also protecting properties from the varying elements, to include sunlight, rains, and winds. Ziptrak Blinds are designed with track-guided blind features, with slotted tracks allow the blinds to move smoothly and easily, stopping at any position needed.

Ziptrak Blinds can be secured and locked into different positions, without the use of zippers, buckles, pulleys, etc. They are so easy to install and use, that Ziptrak Blinds can be architecturally integrated into any type of property design in a quick matter of time. These unique blinds, help to enhance the look and feel of any property, which is why property owners enjoy using them, to further increase the value of any property.

These newly engineered blinds, are also securely locked in the down position to form a full protective seal from all harsh outdoor weather conditions. Ziptrak name brand blinds offers a large range of hold down options, including an easy-to-use centre release lock. Their range of centre-release and channel locks can both be operated from inside or outside. These features allow the Ziptrak Blinds to be used in a huge range of installations for private homes and commercial buildings.

Ziptrak Blinds keeps harsh weather, dust, and external debris, from entering around the sides of the blinds because of its 30mm side track design, which is combined with unique fabric that is welded onto a “side tape,” including a bead which slips inside the grooved channel. This design provides a seal to keep out the elements, especially water, for residential and commercial properties. Outdoor Ziptrak window blinds are available in different thickness, outdoor sunscreen fabrics, hooding options, and in clear or tint PVC, that provides protection against the glare.

Outdoor Ziptrak window blinds are the popular choice for many homes and businesses, with benefits that include:

  • Spend less time cleaning
  • Home, office, and backyard privacy
  • External views remain clearly visible
  • Provide complete light seal if blockout material used
  • Protects against UV rays, stops strong winds and rain from ruining private or public outdoor entertaining
  • Provides comfortable shade, year round
  • Stop insects from intruding (flies and mosquitoes)
  • Unobtrusive when not in use
  • Ziptrak can also be used as external sunshade blinds for windows.

Ziptrak’s standard bottom pocket colours, includes:

  • mill finish
  • paperbark
  • white
  • cream
  • black

Ziptrak Blinds also have colour coordinated side channels and anodised aluminum pelmets, which can be designed without compromising funtionality or style, plus they provide years of rust-free operation. These outdoor blinds are purposely invented to be extremely solid and are built to last years for regular home and commercial use.

Ziptrak outdoor blinds are favorably installed on balconies and are safer to use, than standard blinds, where there was a need to roll the blinds up or to stand on a ladder to manually roll up zipper blinds. Employing the use of Ziptrak, gives great peace of mind, because these blinds can be operated manually with a pull stick or they are designed with motorized features for varying heights.