Boost your career with public speaking corporate training

Corporate training refers to skills that can be taught to improve individual performance and hence business performance. See corporate training as a highly specialized form of self improvement tailored to the modern business world and corporate environments. You can seek out courses to take yourself or your employer may offer or insist that you attend corporate training classes. Arranging classes for yourself after researching skills relevant to your line of work is a great indication of initiative and assertiveness; highly coveted characteristics in the corporate world.

You may lack certain skills that you need to be hired or promoted. Maybe you have noticed or been informed about people with a skill set different to yours getting ahead while you lag behind. Human resources departments are very eagle eyed when it comes to specific skills and combinations of skills. If your career needs a boost then you need to be equipped with the things that impress the corporate head hunters. This way you can move on it your career and climb higher.

When it comes to corporate training you should identify the core skills relevant to your area of business or the area you are aiming to get to.

Considering that some corporate training courses take less than a day there really is no excuse not to bolster your credentials with a host of skills that impress people in the corporate world. Some courses may be run over a few days. These longer courses and to an extent the shorter ones are a great opportunity to network with others in your field. You can find out what corporate training courses everyone else has done. Examples of available courses include minute taking, leadership training, team motivational skills, meeting management, self management, time management, coaching and communication.

A very highly prized skill in the corporate world is public speaking. Being able to competently speak on a topic sets you up for managing and presenting meetings, events and speeches. All of this makes you much more visible in the company. It’s not wallflowers who get ahead and you don’t want all your other skills to be wasted because you aren’t as visible as the next person. Public speaking training also increases general confidence and makes you more impressive in conversation as well as actual occasions where public speaking is involved.

Corporate Event Venues Don’t Have To Be Dull!

When we think of corporate event venues, big hotel rooms come to mind with cloth covered, uncomfortable row chairs and one speaker at a podium. It’s been the standard ‘go-to’ for years. However, that no longer has to be the case. Just like wedding venues, corporate venues are taking a turn for more interesting settings. Some are rustic, some modern, some are still traditional, but one thing has changed. Corporate event venues Singapore no longer need to be boring.

Here are some ideas for interesting, fun corporate venues:

  1. While farm Singapore are really catching on for weddings, they are also catching on for corporate events. They are cheap to rent, easy to decorate (string lights, checkered table cloths, picnic tables), and they have a rustic theme. This would be the perfect venue for a convention for farm equipment, farmers, agricultural events, or any event really.
  2. Museums have excellent, elegant rooms with tall ceilings and lots of space for lighting. Decorating would be minimal (aside from the lighting), and normally there is a place for presentations with a microphone and sound system. Museums are a great idea for artistic and educational conferences. One idea may be to host a wine and cheese party at the museum and have the attendees follow a certain dress code, like formal or semi formal- especially if the event is held during the evening.
  3. Public parks are great places for people to enjoy the outdoors. There are so many ways to plan these types of venues. The food can be old fashioned bar-b-que like burgers, hot dogs, brats and sides like potato salad, beans and chips. If the park allows, wine and beer can be served. You can set up horseshoe games or ladder ball, and tell everyone to come casually to have a good time. Of course, you’d have to plan in the event of inclement weather so make sure your park has some kind of shelter for rain.
  4. 4Golf courses often have big dining rooms or conference rooms, and can be the absolute perfect venue for sports enthusiasts, or for all male conferences. Even if everyone doesn’t like to golf, golf courses are beautiful settings for venues, and the rooms often overlook the courses.
  5. High schools have everything you need for speeches, dinners, and events. A great idea is to rent out a high school and have an open basketball tournament. One popular company has an event at a high school every year where attendees dress up in sumo wrestling gear and have a little tournament. Of course, there are hundreds of things and ideas to do in a gym or in a theatre. There could be a theme where everyone wears their old high school colors.

Corporate venues don’t have to be boring and unspectacular. There are dozens of venues to choose from if a little imagination is used!

How Do You Know a Good Wine Shop When You See One?

How do you know a good wine shop when you see one? After all, most of them look very much alike, especially when outward appearances are the only thing being considered. You might even walk into a wine shop and think that it looks just like the last one you were in. However, there are actually a lot of things that make certain shops better than others. It might not be about the way the shop looks and it might not have anything to do with its location at all. It does, however, have everything to do with the selection that is available and the knowledge and expertise of the individuals who work there.

A good wine shop is a place where you can go to get exactly what you need to fit any type of occasion. Sometimes you need an expensive one that is nothing short of exquisite, but sometimes you don’t need anything as elaborate as all that. More often than not, most people simply need a place where they can go and get products of good quality at a fair price. They also want to have a lot of different products available to choose from, so variety is a key component of finding the right wine shop.

Last but certainly not least, a good wine shop will have individuals employed there that care about their job and know everything there is to know about choosing a good wine. They are not there to judge you based on how much money you want to spend, nor to tell you what you should be choosing based on their own personal preferences. Instead, Pengwine shop are there to help guide you through the process so that you can choose the one that is perfect for you in that particular situation. They are also able to help turn you on to new products that you might not yet be aware of and they make you feel at home while you are making your decision as opposed to rushing you through the process just to make a sale.

Tips For Finding A Good Moving Company

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry whether your belongings that are in a moving truck will get to your destination in one piece. Looking for a moving company that is reliable and will get your prized possessions to your new home safely involves some research.

There are numerous moving companies so to choose a good one that is within your budget follow these tips and hopefully things will be a little less stressful.

Ask Around

Probably one of the most reliable ways of finding a moving company is by asking for recommendations from friends and family. Look on the internet and ask in forums. You will find some good companies that you can then contact for a quote.

Get Quotes

Don’t just go with the first company that you call. You should ask 3 or 4 companies to come to your home and give you their price. You want to find out what the final cost will be and get it in writing.

Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask what kind of license and insurance the moving company has. You will want to be sure that they have good insurance cover just in case anything unforeseen happens. Find out how long the company has been in business and if they do the moving or do they subcontract to other people.

Be Observant

When somebody from the moving company Singapore comes to give you a quote, look at how professional they seem. If they are asking for money up front the minute they walk in the door this is a definite red flag. Do they know what they are doing, have they arrived in a company truck and not a rental truck, can they answer all your questions to your satisfaction? If you do not feel comfortable then move on to another moving company.

Moving Day

So you have chosen the company who is going to move your prized possessions. On moving day be sure to supervise the move. Don’t go overboard or order them around – after all they do this job for a living. Instead make sure that you see everything is loaded and on board carefully.

Arriving at Your New Home

Well you have made it. It is time to meet the moving company like Citimap Movers at your destination. Check that everything is in one piece and that every item that went on the truck comes off. Once you are satisfied that all is well you can then pay the company and possibly write a review of them to help others who are looking to find a reliable company too.

How to Choose the Best Mandarin Courses for you

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with approximately 14.1% of the population speaking Mandarin as their first language. Learning Mandarin is a great idea, especially if you travel to places where this is the first language or if you work in a business that trades or corresponds with speakers of Mandarin. If you decide that this is a language you would like to learn, then these five tips can help you to find the best course for you.

1) Type of Learning

The style of learning that suits one person will not necessarily suit the next and you should consider your preferred learning style when choosing a course. While some people prefer to learn one-to-one with a tutor, others find it easier to learn new skills when working in a group with other people. There is even the option of choosing Mandarin courses Singapore taught online or via Skype.

2) Cost

If you have a limited budget, then the cost of courses can make a difference to which you choose. However, opting for the cheapest course is not always the best idea. Courses that are a little more expensive may have a more experienced tutor, offer more in-depth learning or result in a recognized and accredited qualification.

3) Location

Unless you are considering an Internet or distance learning course, the location is will be an important factor in choosing a course. You must find something within easy traveling distance, either by foot, car or public transport. To find out what is available in your area, a simple Internet search should reveal the colleges or learning centers in your area that are offering courses in Mandarin.

4) Tutor Experience

To get the most out of your learning, you should search for a course led by an experienced tutor with a good track record of student results. Before enrolling, ask to speak to either the tutor or the course provider to find out more about the qualifications, experience and results of the tutor leading the course.

5) Qualification

If you are learning Mandarin just because it is a new skill that interests you or because you are traveling to an area where it is the first language, you might not be particularly interested in a gaining a qualification. However, if you want to learn Mandarin for professional reasons, such as for a promotion, then you will need to look for a course that offers an accredited qualification at the end. This is something you should find out before committing to a course.

Mandarin is an interesting and useful language to learn that can enhance travel experiences and open work opportunities. If you decide to learn this language, then using these tips will help you to find the best Mandarin courses for you.

Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is becoming more and more popular. Many people do not trust the water that comes out of their tap. This water has been shown to have sediments and impurities. Alkaline water will remove the toxins from the water and make sure that it is pure. This water also claims to slow down the aging process and will help a person increase their energy levels. It will also regulate pH levels within the body that will help fight off diseases including cancer. There are many health benefits to drinking alkaline water Singapore.

Detoxify the Body

Alkaline water will help remove toxins from the body. Toxins accumulate everyday from the environment, medications, and modern foods. This water will help neutralize the acidity level in the body and remove toxins that get trapped in the cells and the tissue.

Hydrate the Cells

For overall health and to keep a youthful appears the body needs to be hydrated. Alkaline water can give the body the hydration that it needs. This water will be ionized and will turn into micro clusters. This will make it easy for the cells to absorb and will give the body all the hydration that it needs.


Alkaline water will help the body by working as an antioxidant. This water is able to neutralize the free radicals by increasing electrons in the body after dispensing from a alkaline water machine. Free radicals are responsible for a number of health problems and now the body will be able to fight back. Not only that the body will turn the free radicals into oxygen which is needed for healthy cell tissue. The more oxygen the body has the better it will be at fighting off disease.

These are just some of the health benefits to the body a person can see by drinking alkaline water. This water will help keep the body hydrated and will help reduce the chance a person has of becoming ill.

Wall Art Uses and Benefits

Displaying fine art on the walls of your home or business used to be a privilege only for the very wealthy. With advancements in technology and modern production, however, nearly everyone can enjoy artwork from local and worldwide artists in their own home. Through the use of reproductions, posters and photographs, most any form of art is available for personal use.

In order to choose which kind of art prints is right for you, it’s important to define what different kinds of art are used for and the benefits of each.

 Uses of Art

Wall art can be used for many different purposes. Primarily, it is used to decorate an otherwise empty space. Whether it be a living room, kitchen, bedroom or even bathroom, a piece of art can enliven any room. The choice of art can also help set a mood for the space, whether it is bright and colorful or soft and serene. You will want to think about wall space, room use and mood when choosing art for your home. If your space is smaller, you will need to choose art that will not overwhelm the room. Likewise, a larger space can utilize a larger work of art, or even several at a time.

Along with decoration, art prints can be used to reflect your style. If you are a calmer, natural type person, prints of nature or soft colors can reflect this. If you are bolder or more outspoken, artwork with bright bold strokes and scenes can show off this side of your personality. Your choice of art does not have to reflect your style directly, but can be used to enhance the style you want to create in a room.

Art can also be a great conversation starter. If you host gatherings in your home, much conversation (and even debate) can be had from a work of art. Whether you want to be controversial or simply unusual or beautiful, art prints can include everyone in a discussion and lessen any quiet, awkward moments that may occur.

Benefits of Art

There can be many benefits to utilizing art in your home or business. As mentioned, it is very useful for creating a mood in a specific setting. Peaceful scenes on the wall of a waiting room can help calm patients that may be nervous or apprehensive. It also may distract from long waiting times. At home, art can enhance a relaxing atmosphere as a getaway from everyday life.

Art can provide other mental health benefits as well by engaging our brains in different thought patterns. An unusual art print causes us to look at the world differently and perhaps gain a new perspective. It is helpful if one has a non-artistic profession, such as accounting or law, in utilizing other artistic, creative areas of the brain.

If you are looking at art for your home or business, it can provide many benefits to your decor, atmosphere and to you as a person, as well. Choose carefully depending on your space and you will have a place to go to that reflects your style, relaxes or engages you and others, and is uniquely your own.

What to Know When Choosing the Best Job Posting Site

Job posting sites are one of the many platforms for you as an employer to get your work done without having to struggle to look for that one candidate to handle your tasks. However, before you can post your job on one of these sites, it is important that you know that job seekers often tend to ignore job posting site Singapore since they think they are wasting their time on them. It is, therefore, vital that you choose well if you are to reach the right candidate for your project. Here are the criteria and how you can choose the best job posting site.

Search on Google

If you know any job posting site, then Google its name and see what kind of information you get about it. It might help you know if the site is legitimate or not. If you don’t find any information about it, then it is not the best place to post a job, and you should move on to the next site.

Does the site have a private policy?

After you have done your search, assuming you found the site that might interest you, you should now know if it has a privacy policy. If it does have one, then you need to read it before you can post your job. It will be crucial since you will be able to know the information the site will collect from your and the purpose. If it doesn’t have, then be sure not to choose it. You should also be careful because some may be only interested in collecting your contact information for their interest.

Does the site charge for posting?

Other sites will only allow you to post a job if you have paid membership. It is nice that before you can join the site, you investigate this and verify if it is legitimate since some may be scammers.

Does the site work properly?

Depending on the project you want to be completed, ensure in your search, you also find out if it has the capability to handle your job or if it has search capability. You may post a job which might end up being not seen by anyone due to the site’s search incapability.

Can you delete or edit your Job?

Sometimes you may post a job and just decide to pull it down. It can be good if you can remove unwanted posted jobs or edit by adding more requirements whenever you want. It can help you avoid unwanted messages and applications.

While all the above are paramount, it is also good to find out if the website has a lot of traffic to help you reach a lot of job seekers and find the right candidate.

Top Ten Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts range in price, and the choices are endless. They range from new technology driven gadgets to traditional desk pieces.Corporate gifts today are a reflection of an employer’s gratitude for excellent performance or to mark special occasions. Here are 10 of the most popular gifts in 2016 from Corporate gifts wholesale :

Executive Leather Card Case and Pen ($22.50)

  • Leather with silver metal finish
  • Pen included for convenience
  • Can be engraved with corporate logo

Zoom Energy Micro Power Bank ($14.00)

  • Slim and compact
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Built-in USB charging cable

Bosca Leather Portfolio Case ($175)

  • Ideal for meetings and everyday use
  • Have large inside pockets for full sheets
  • Zip feature provides security

Global Marble Clock ($240)

  • Elegant styling in green marble
  • Allows you to reference any time zone
  • Perfect for company logo

Moet and Chandon Imperial Champagne with Glass Flutes ($140)

  • Luxurious executive gift
  • Metallic accented wine box secures champagne and flutes
  • Box can be used for display or storage

Internet Phone and Mouse ($62.00)

  • Sleek silver optical mouse and internet phone
  • 6 foot USB cable with mic and earpiece
  • Flip phone includes full number keypad and LED screen

Handblown Glass Swirl Vase ($181)

  • Patterns etched into glass
  • Signed by artist Susan Lockhart
  • $10 donation to Frank Lloyd Wright School

Godiva Chocolate Gift Set with Leather Wrapped Tumbler ($39.95)

  • Gift box includes four packages of Godiva chocolate
  • 16-ounce tumbler made of stainless steel
  • Corporate logo can be engraved

Rosewood Laser Printer Pen ($35)

  • Made of rosewood with gold accents
  • Pen doubles as laser pointer
  • Elegant and functional

Perpetual Calendar, World Time Clock, and Calculator ($23)

  • Sleek, high-tech design
  • Accurate timekeeping and calendar
  • Conversation Piece

Corporate gifts should reflect a company’s quality and appreciation, and any of these items listed would make a great impression and statement. Gifts can be customized to include company logo, which provides an opportunity to share branding. Whether you choose to go traditional or high tech, there is a wide variety of gift options.

Do you Need a Professional Audit Services?

In most cases, auditing services typically refer to the independent and systematic evaluation of business documents and finances to determine the legitimacy of the financial declarations or statements. Furthermore, auditing services seek to determine whether the same statements are true and fair enough for the individuals concerned with the given business.a

Simply put, it attempts to ensure that the books of the accounts are in proper maintenance and are in agreement with the regulatory law. In the recent times, Auditing services have become such a pervasive occurrence in the business sector due to the many benefits it has to a given business.

Benefits of Professional Audit Services

Any aspect of the given business may be audited. Professional audit services can be used to provide investors and stakeholders with the assurance that the all the assets and debts of the company are declared publicly for others to see. Based on the results of a comprehensive audit, business owners are usually in a better position to examine and enhance the resource management while at the same time improving productivity. More so an audit service may provide a business with:

Operational audits

These types of checks cover any business operations that are commercial incoherent. Moreover, the primary objective of the operational audit seeks to determine the effectiveness- doing the appropriate things with minimal wastage of resources, Economy- equilibrium between the costs and benefits of running the operations and Efficiency- completing works in the least possible time.

Performance audits

It is important to note that most checks are mostly concerned with security, safety, environmental concerns and information systems performance. An excellent service provides highly specialized in performing security audits along with information system audits as well as helping the business in satisfying their business goals.

Quality audits

Quality audits are performed to verify the compliance of the enterprise to the standards through a review of the company evidence. Furthermore, these types of audits are essential to confirm the existence of reasonable evidence depicting conformance to required processes and to examine the effectiveness of the given business at implementing processes.